Tampere - Host City

Finland is safe and reliable
Finland offers an excellent setting for international sport events, conventions, congresses and incentive tours. Finland is a stable and secure country. Events can safely be booked for years ahead. Finns are famous for their dependability. They keep their promises and hold their agreements. More to know click for example:

Tampere - Finland’s second urban region, ideal for sport events
Tampere is a beautiful city between two lakes, offering an array of recreation and leisure activities.
Tampere has a population of 210,000. The centre of Tampere is compact: all major hotels, restaurants and shops are within a convenient walking distance.
Hotel rates are reasonable, range from €200 (first class) to €120 (regular) to €45 (economy). Youth hostels and dormitories are also available.
Tampere offers an extensive and experienced network of sport professionals to help with different local arrangements.
The city of Tampere supports international congresses by hosting a complimentary reception at the City Hall, and by cooperating with event organizers.

TAMPERE – Your Host City

The City of Tampere was founded in 1779, on the banks of Tammerkoski rapids. From the 19th century on, Tampere developed into a leading industrial centre in Nordic countries, especially in textiles, engineering and wood processing industry. This valuable heritage is still visible in Tampere's cityscape, and the old mills along the Tammerkoski Rapids count among Finland's national heritage landscapes.

Tampere’s progress grew from its factories up until the 1970’s and the start of industrial restructuring. Now, traditional industrial manufacturing has left the city centre, but the old mills have been resettled by ITC businesses and other aspects of the Information Society that make Tampere a hub of expertise in Finland.
Tampere proper has 210,000 inhabitants and the population of the entire Tampere sub-region reaches 300,000. The economic area of Tampere Region comprises over 450,000 inhabitants. Tampere is a population magnet: net migration to Tampere is some 2,000 people annually. With the neighbouring municipalities considered, net migration into the region is 4,000 people each year. According to several tourism and business surveys, Tampere ranks first in Finland in terms of attraction.

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Tampere - Host City
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